Why Setup a Home Recording Studio?

Home Recording StudioDeciding to setup a home recording studio is a massive decision. If you want your home recordings to be of a semi-professional quality, getting setup is a serious investment in time, space and most importantly money!

You need to make sure that you assess the pro’s and con’s before taking the plunge and making the awesome decision to start setting up your own recording studio.

Here are some reasons to go ahead and make that step:

1. It’s an Educational Experience

Setting up a home studio will teach you a lot about audio, acoustics and lots more. You will have to learn everything from the hardware to the software. This will give you valuable knowledge and experience that can be utilised in the future.

2. It Can Make You Money

Sure, lets be real, you won’t become rich overnight, however, if you have a semi-professional setup, there could be lots of opportunities to record, produce and edit for local bands and musicians who are looking for an affordable way to get their music recorded.

Just asking around at local music venues will be a great way to make connections with potential paying customers!

3. Be in Control of Your Own Music Recordings

If you are a music artist yourself, you can have complete control of your recording and mixing experience. No time restraints when it comes to studio time, you can use your tools at your leisure, and record in a way that is comfortable for you.

You also get to completely customise the space that you record in!

4. It’s Fun!

Whether you are wanting to setup a recording studio as a hobby or on a semi-professional basis, the whole process is an extremely fun and rewarding experience! You will be able to experiment with your own equipment  learn a lot and have a brand new valuable asset!

I hope that these thoughts have been helpful! Stay tuned for more articles and tips.