Electronic Invoicing

December 4th, 2015

If you are in the music business, no matter what sector, it’s likely that you will face a lot of paperwork at some point. Chances are it won’t take long until a harsh reality will set in in your daily work where you get overwhelmed at times with juggling of your bills, invoices and similar rather tedious tasks.

electronic-invoicingThis is when everything that can save you and your employees time can come in very handy.

For my own company’s daily work I found e invoice to be incredibly effective.

Electronic invoicing is literally cutting off several hours each week which we now can use for other, more creative things.

In addition to the time savings I found that electronic invoicing greatly helps to reduce those often-made mistakes that could happen when we needed to type invoicing data into our computer system.

How does electronic invoicing work?

It’s really rather easy. You sign up with a electronic invoicing company where you will send your invoices by email. The company does the conversion of your invoices and sends the electronic invoices to your supplier or client. Unlike as with normal postal mail, the entire process is basically instant without any delays. This also means that invoices can be processed a lot faster with less waiting time required until bills are paid and so on.

I found electronic invoicing probably the best change we made in the business. Should you still do your invoices the old-fashioned way I can highly recommend that you look into electronic invoicing.


Get Good Chairs And Desks For Your Studio

November 5th, 2014

In the same way as if you were to work in an office, your studio will be a place where you will likely spend many hours. It is for that reason that you should not exactly go cheap when it comes to selecting your studio furniture.

You can take my word that a quality chair and a nice, adjustable desk can make a huge difference. If you have quality furniture, those extended recording sessions or working with the latest sequence of software will be much less a hassle as compared to doing all that work on some shabby, uncomfortable chairs.

I always tell my buddies in the recording industry to look into good quality ergonomic chairs and desks. In fact, I am also recommending this to anyone in would spend many hours in front of a computer, recording equipment and of course for your workplace.

It is astonishing what a difference a modern ergonomic chair can make. Working  will go a lot easier and the likelihood for health problems such as back pains will be pretty much eliminated. You will also have less of a chance to experience common problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or similar health issues.

If you are thinking about equipping or re-equipping your studio, consider good desk chairs and quality adjustable desks. While it may not always be obvious that those things can make a huge difference just give it a try and see for yourself.

Studying Music In A Private School

October 8th, 2014

sheet of music, girl playing flute in backgroundAre you considering a career in music?

Maybe you want to become a song writer, a composer, music editor, music therapist or a recording engineer?

There are many different available careers in music today. This is a field that is very diverse and there are jobs in music that can suit almost anyone.

The problem here is only that many public schools in the United Kingdom might not offer those career choices to you. In public schools, “traditional” classes such as languages or math are often seeing a higher priority while various arts and in particular education in music is often neglected.

A good solution here would be to look into private schools if you want to study music in the UK.

Many of our more reputable private schools (the UK fortunately has a good number of them) specialize in fields that public schools don’t. This is especially the case when it comes to careers in music.

Before you choose a private school, make sure you know what they can offer you or your children

Choosing a private school is obviously not something you do on a whim. This is a decision you want to make wisely and well educated. The normal way to go about deciding on a private school would be to make a list of schools you have in mind and then call and visit each of them to help you in deciding which school will be best.

Take your time with this process. Have the private school explain you their curriculum in detail, this also includes extracurricular activities. For a career in music you obviously want the school to support you in the best way. Many schools that have music in their program should offer you related courses and activities, starting with the obvious such as courses to learn certain instruments or providing their own recording studio. Ask them about those things.

If you happen to live in Devon, I recommend the Kingshottschool private school to you. It’s a good school for you to study music in private schools Hertfordshire and I can highly recommend it.


Learning Home Recording Without School

February 23rd, 2014

Although there are some fantastic college and university courses out there, you really don’t need to go to school to learn about home recording.

As long as you have a basic grasp of music and audio, you can use various resources online to learn about home recording from the comfort of your own living room.

Here are some suggestions of places to look to help you get started with your home recording studio:


YouTube is obviously a fantastic resource where people post all sorts of video guides. Whether you are looking for tips on specific recording software or the logistics of setting up studio hardware, there are lots of interesting videos to be found!

Premium Tutorial Sites

There are various premium tutorial sites out there that you can use, some are better than others. Although these are out there I would always suggest using free sites first as most of the info you are going to need to learn can be found for free online.

Independent Tutorial Blogs

There are some really fantastic independent tutorial blogs out there which have fantastic content on getting started with home recording. For example you can find a lot of information at http://cobaltaudio.com. A lot of times these bloggers have been through exactly the same process of setting up their own home studio and so their articles make for very helpful reading!

Home Recording


General Googling!

If you are stuck with something specific, a quick search on Google can go a long way. There are loads of people out there online creating great tutorials and articles for free, so take it in, enjoy it and save the money it costs to study at university to build your very own home studio!

If you have any other good home recording resources, please do let us know so that we can share the info with other readers!

Until next time.

The Best Musical Entertainment for Your Party or Event

February 19th, 2014

There is no party, wedding or similar occasion where great music will not play an important role. You surely want that your guests will have a good time while they’re attending your party. Fortunately, getting good entertainment to where your event is doesn’t have to be a big deal anymore since you can hire all sorts of professionals for that purpose easily today.

  • Hiring a Band

Hiring a band for your party guest’s entertainment can be a great way for you to get the music and the mood at your party going. Many bands today offer to play at such occasions like weddings, private parties or events such as corporate picnics. You can hire bands today that can cater to all musical tastes so chances are good you will find one that’s right for your particular event. Many of the bands may have a big selection of songs they can play, spanning various musical genres and tastes. Normally you may be able to choose what songs you want at your event by going through their list and letting the band know about your wishes. This way you can customize your event’s musical entertainment matching the right mood and setting just like you and your guests would like.

Hiring singing waiters is another great option if you’re looking for something truly unique for your next event. The special thing about the singing waiters is that those may be disguised for a while, say they might appear as your wait staff or as normal party guests. In a moment when no one really expects they will drop their disguise and will put on an awesome entertainment show for all your guests. Today you can hire professional singing waiters that can blow away your guests by professionally performing awesome operas but also modern songs, depending on your personal wishes and the type of event in question.

waiterMake no mistake, the right music at your next event can really make all the difference! Entertain your guests with contemporary songs that everyone knows and loves. Make them jump from their chairs and see them dance to their all-time favourite pop songs! Transform your event and put your guests right into an amazing musical by hiring singing waiters! Today you have so many great options when it comes to your event’s musical entertainment that no occasion, no party today needs to stay boring and dull. You’re just a phone call away from getting world-class entertainment for your event that your guests will surely never forget!

Studio Safety: Power Sockets & Fire Hazards

October 5th, 2013

Fire AlarmsAs we have been mentioning a lot on this blog, setting up a recording studio is an extremely fun project which can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction! It can also make you some very decent money if you go about things in the right way.

However, that being said, it is not all fun and games, and often it is important to very seriously consider some, perhaps less fun, but certainly more important matters!

If not setup properly, semi professional recording studios can be a serious fire hazard!

Power Sockets

For example, one of the most basic, and extremely important things you must consider are your power sockets. It can be extremely dangerous to run your studio off of multiple extension cables and splitters.

Therefore for some people it may mean investing the money in having a professional electrician in to add some additional wall sockets to your studio.

It will certainly be worth it in the long run! It’s never fun for your studio to burn down!

Fire Alarms

However well your studio is setup, it is always important to take various fire safety precautions. One of which is getting a fire alarm.

As you become a professional studio there is likely legal requirements for this, so make sure you read up on the relevant laws in your area.

Personally when I was setting up my studio, I just looked for a local company to fit my alarm and ended up going with a company that fit fire alarms exeter and surrounding areas.

If you are in the Devon area I do highly recommend them, you can see their website here: http://argosfire.co.uk.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you are preventing fire risks wherever possible
  • Make sure that you have the correct number of wall sockets to supply your equipment with enough power
  • Read up on your legal obligations for fire safety as a semi professional recording studio
  • Get yourself a fire alarm system

Why Setup a Home Recording Studio?

June 1st, 2013

Home Recording StudioDeciding to setup a home recording studio is a massive decision. If you want your home recordings to be of a semi-professional quality, getting setup is a serious investment in time, space and most importantly money!

You need to make sure that you assess the pro’s and con’s before taking the plunge and making the awesome decision to start setting up your own recording studio.

Here are some reasons to go ahead and make that step:

1. It’s an Educational Experience

Setting up a home studio will teach you a lot about audio, acoustics and lots more. You will have to learn everything from the hardware to the software. This will give you valuable knowledge and experience that can be utilised in the future.

2. It Can Make You Money

Sure, lets be real, you won’t become rich overnight, however, if you have a semi-professional setup, there could be lots of opportunities to record, produce and edit for local bands and musicians who are looking for an affordable way to get their music recorded.

Just asking around at local music venues will be a great way to make connections with potential paying customers!

3. Be in Control of Your Own Music Recordings

If you are a music artist yourself, you can have complete control of your recording and mixing experience. No time restraints when it comes to studio time, you can use your tools at your leisure, and record in a way that is comfortable for you.

You also get to completely customise the space that you record in!

4. It’s Fun!

Whether you are wanting to setup a recording studio as a hobby or on a semi-professional basis, the whole process is an extremely fun and rewarding experience! You will be able to experiment with your own equipment  learn a lot and have a brand new valuable asset!

I hope that these thoughts have been helpful! Stay tuned for more articles and tips.